RegistratiON OF non-governmental organizations (NGOS)

NGOs seeking registration in Sudan are required to present the below documents to the Embassy.


  • A request stating the type of activity/expected programs that will be implemented in Sudan, the areas of operation and an indicative budget. The programs should not be of religious, missionary, ethnic, political nature or in contradiction with the prevailing laws in Sudan.
  • Filling and submitting Registration Form (A).
  • A copy of the organization’s Financial Report and its activities during the last 3 years. (Must first be legalized by the Department of State)
  • A copy of the organization’s Certificate of Registration. (Must first be legalized by the Department of State)
  • Authentication fees for documents legalized by the Department of State are 54$ per document.

Important Information:

  • A response will be provided to the NGO within 3 months of submission of all required documents.
  • If registration is done, before the NGO commences its activities it will be required to sign an agreement with Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) in Sudan.

Payment Information

The embassy accepts only the following forms of payment:

  • U.S. Postal Money Order
  • Company check
  • Cashier’s check

The embassy will not accept personal checks.

Walk-in applicants may pay in cash. Credit/debit cards, however, are not accepted.

Please make all payments payable to “Embassy of Sudan”.