National Number

The procedures for obtaining the national number are carried out for Sudanese who have Sudanese identification documents (nationality/green Sudanese passport/birth certificate/old ID card)

  1. The applicant must attend personally to the embassy building with the required documents.
  2. provide the witness’s identity document (electronic passport or national number/national card) from the father’s side (father or brother, sister, uncle, cousin).
  3.  the blood type.
  4. In the case of children under the age of 18, the father must attend in person or submit a letter of no objection to obtain the national number for children with the following documents attached:
  • Sudanese birth certificate for applicant
  • (Father and mother) documents whether a national number or a passport.
  • parent’s marriage contract.
  • Blood type for the child.

Important information

  • Amending the date of birth in the national number requires presenting the original birth certificate, as its data verified from the birth registry in Sudan. As for the amendment of names in the national number, it is carried out in Sudan according to what is specified by the regulations.
  • Including medical, engineering, and legal professions in the national number data requires presenting a registered certificate from the competent authorities in Sudan (the Engineering / Medical / Judicial / Bar Association … etc.) and authenticated in Sudanese ministry of foreign affairs and attaching a copy of the approved educational certificates to determine the educational qualification of the applicant.

Payment information

The national number is obtained free of charges for the first time, and in case of losing the national number applicant must pay 54$.