National Number

The national number is a unique reference number assigned to all Sudanese citizens and is used to access the database of a given citizen whose information is registered at the General Administration of Civil Registry.


        Applicants are required to attend in person with the required documents.

        Presentation of the witness’ identification documents (Passport, National Number document, standard ID) who typically should be an individual from the father’s side (father, sibling, uncle, aunt, cousin).

        A document indicating blood type.

        Applicants below the age of 18 require that the father appear in person or provide a letter of no objection allowing the applicant to obtain a national number, the following documents must be attached to the letter of no objection:

  •         Applicant’s Sudanese certificate of birth.
  •         Identification documents of both parents (Passport, National Number document, standard ID).
  •         Marriage certificate of parents.
  •         Applicant’s blood type.

        The national number is provided free of charge the first time it is issued. Re-issuing due to loss or other reasons requires payment of a $54 fee.

Important Information

        For the national number to reflect the applicant’s profession, the (profession) certificate of registration must be presented from the relevant authorities; the certificate must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sudan and a copy of the applicant’s academic records must also be presented.

        Any amendment in the date of birth indicated in the national number requires the presentation of an original Sudanese certificate of birth.

        Any amendment in the name indicated in the national number must be done in Sudan according to the regulations dictating amendments.


Payment Information

        The embassy accepts only the following forms of payment:

  •         U.S. Postal Money Order
  •         Company check
  •         Cashier’s check

        The embassy will not accept personal checks.

        Walk-in applicants may pay in cash. Credit/debit cards, however, are not accepted.

        Please make all payments payable to “Embassy of Sudan”.

إعلان هام

:تنوه سفارة السودان بواشنطن عن توقف خدمات
١/ إصدار الجواز الإلكتروني
٢/ إصدار الرقم الوطني
٣/ إصدار شهادة الميلاد
تعتذر السفارة عن هذا التوقف المؤقت كما تواصل تقديم الخدمات القنصلية الأخرى، وسنوافيكم في حال معاودة تقديم الخدمات المذكورة اعلاه.

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