Investment procedures

Investment procedures vary from one industry to the other, the main investment profiles available are a sole ownership, a partnership or foreign company branch. Please contact the embassy if you require information on investment procedures. General requirements are listed below:

Business registration procedures

–        Application addressed to the commercial registrar on the proposed name

–        Contract and regulations of the establishment of company

After initial approval is secured the following is required:

–        Preparation of the company headquarters

–        Provision of three copies of establishment regulation sealed from the tax and zakat chamber

–        Completing form no. (12) concerning the company’s capital

–        Completing the approval form

–        Completing the Judiciary form (publication form)


Registration of a branch of a foreign company

–        Submitting an ‘application of registration’ to the commercial registrar

–        Providing the contract of association and regulations of the parent company

–        Submitting a registration list or documents of establishing the parent company

–        A documented authorization from the company to a person resident in Sudan to receive judiciary notification.

–        Resolution of the Board of Directors of the parent company to start a branch in Sudan

–        Having all documents authenticated by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the investing country or the Sudanese embassy in the country of registration.


Registration of business name

–        Submission of application on the proposed names

–        Completing the business name registration form and having it notarized by a lawyer.

–        Bringing the approval of the competent authority.

–        Upon the completion of the previous measures, the applicant delivers two incorporation certificates in Arabic and English signed by the business names registrar and bearing the seal of the general commercial registrar.


Registration of foreign capital

–        Contract of establishment of the company – in the case of the affiliation of the project to a company.

–        Registration certificate of the company.

–        Business name of the company.

–        License of the investment.

In the case of financial capital


a- A document proving the transfer of the amount from abroad.

b- The declarations of the exchange to the local currency.

In the case of the capital in-kind


–        Import certificates for the machines, equipment and devices

In the case of the service capital


–        Certified lists of the paid amounts, approved by a resident Sudanese legal auditor.

Registration of exporters and importers

–        The final license of the investment

–        The business name

–        The membership of the industry and trade chamber

–        Testimony from the bank concerning the project account number

–        In the case of companies: the memorandum of association; the incorporation certificate documented from the registrar of the companies.

–        In case of the renewal of the log of the companies and cooperative societies, institutions and bodies, and submitting deposits made through the office of the Ministry of Justice.

–        The commercial license for individuals of the current year for the purpose of import and export must be renewed