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Embassy of Sudan in Washington D.C.

Investment Procedures

The procedure varies from one industry to the other though we have overall process provided highlighted in this website. Please contact us for further information.

There are additional procedures requirement, such as

  • Customs privilege for the project list of needs ;
  • Working on a leased location;
  • Allocation of land plot;
  • Gable application(request); and
  • NIL VALUE transfer (purchase of the capital equipment at the bank rate).

Contact the Embassy of Sudan in Washington DC for further information.

Types of companies

Investors are free to choose any of the following investment formula:
Sole ownership

  • Foreign Company branch
Business registration procedures
  • Application addressed to the commercial registrar on the proposed name
  • Contract and regulations of the establishment of company
  • The Procedures after the initial approval:
  • Preparation of the company headquarters
  • Provision of three copies of establishment regulation sealed from the tax and zakat chamber.
  • Form filling (12) of the capital of the company
  •  Filling the approval form
  • Judiciary form (publication form)
Registration of a branch of a foreign company
  • Application of the registration to the commercial registrar
  • Contract of association and regulations of the parent company
  • Registration list or documents of establishing the parent company
  • Documented authorization from the company to a person resident in Sudan to receive judiciary notification.
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors of the parent company to start a branch in Sudan
  • Opening of the previous documents with the seal of the company in order to be documented from the ministry of foreign affairs of the investing country or the Sudanese embassy in the country of registration.
Registration of business name
  • Submission of application on the proposed names to register the business name in English and Arabic.
  • Form filling of registration of the business name and its notarization by Lawyer.
  • Bringing the approval of the competent authority.
  • Upon the completion of the previous measures, the applicant delivers two incorporation certificates in Arabic and English and signed by the business names registrar and bearing the seal of the general commercial registrar.
Registration of foreign capital
  • Contract of establishment of the company – in the case of the affiliation of the project to a company.
  • Registration certificate of the company.
  • Business name of the company.
  • License of the investment.

In the case of the financial capital

a- A document proving the transfer of the amount from abroad.

b- The declarations of the exchange to the local currency.

In the case of the capital in-kind

Import certificates for the machines, equipments and devices or (im) forms.

In the case of the service capital

Certified lists of the paid amounts, approved by a resident Sudanese legal auditor.

Registration of exporters and importers
  • The final license of the investment
  • The business name
  • The membership of the industry and trade chamber
  • Testimony from the bank concerning the project account number
  • In the case of companies the memorandum of association the incorporation certificate documented from the registrar of the companies.
  • In case of the renewal of the log of the companies and cooperative societies, institutions and bodies and bringing of the deposits from the office of the ministry of Justice.
  • The commercial license for individuals of the current year for the purpose of import and export must be renewed
Obtaining licenses and investment transactions

1. For the new license

The required documents:
  • Feasibility study certified from one of experienced consultant house (original copy + copy)
  • Application of a new license on the signing of the owner of the project
  • Certified power of attorney by a lawyer or a court for the purpose of investment procedures.
  • Attachment of a copy of the memorandum of association (in case of the companies)
  • Attachment of copy of the incorporation certificates (in case of the companies).
  • Partnership contract (in case of partnerships between individuals).

2. Basic information

The Business Profits Tax according to The Income law for the year 1986 Amendment 2007 :

    • Service projects, 15% .
    • Industrial projects, 10% .
    • Agricultural projects, 0% .

3. Modern means of transport

The required documents:
  • A copy of the license
  • A copy of the business name
  • A new title deed
  • Sketch map for a visit
  • Telephone number, the name
  • Power of attorney or authorization from the Board of Directors certified by a lawyer or a court.

4. List of needs

    • The required documents
    • Two copies of license
    • Two copies of business name
    • List of needs of equipment and machinery (two copies)
    • Fresh title deed for the plot of land
    • Upon implementing the list with the Customs. Attaching the approval of work at a hired location is required ( in case of hired location.
    • Approval of the technical authority of the list of needs and the approval are made in compliance with the regulation
    • Tourist activities (hotels- resorts- ……… etc) shall grant a list of needs of the leased location (long- term lease of ten years and more)