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Sudanese National Visa Application

Visa application for Sudanese Nationals who are holding American Passports and U.S. Travel documents must:

  • Fill out Visa Application Form
  • Provide one (1) passport sized photo
  • Provide proof of Sudanese Nationality (Copy of Sudanese passport, Copy of Nationality Certificate, Copies of Parents Sudanese Passport or Nationality Certificate). If Applicant was not born in Sudan, he/she must furnish the embassy with his/her Sudanese birth certificate or his/her American birth certificate with a copy of the Parent's Sudanese document.
  • Fee of $51.00
  • Application must be signed by the applicant.
  • American Passport (must be valid for at least six (6) months).
Sudanese who are holding travel documents to re-enter the U.S.should also apply for an entry visa. Please note that copies of a Sudanese passport or U.S. Permanent Residence Card must accompany the visa application.

Important Note:
Applicants sending their applications by mail must furnish the Consular section of the Embassy with a return envelope with tracking no. (postage/shipment paid by the applicant) using one of the services listed below. Failure to send one may cause delay in the return of the passport (s).

  • Federal Express (Fedex)
  • UPS
  • Express Mail (USPS)
  • DHL
  • Airborne Express
    Please send Applications to:
    Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan
    2210 Massachusetts Ave, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20008
    tel No. 202-338-8565, Fax No. 202-667.2406
  • We only accept the following forms of payment:
    If sending applications by mail:
    U.S. Postal Money Order
    Company Check
    Cashier’s Check

    If dropping applications at the embassy:
    U.S. Postal Money Order
    Company Check
    Cashier’s Check
  • All payments must be payable to Embassy of Sudan.
    The normal processing time for Visa Application may take 5-7 business days. Please allow sufficient time to process Visa applications.
    Visa Application Form
  • Please remember to write clearly and complete the entire application form. Failure to do so may result in a longer processing time.
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