Sudan’s ongoing National Dialogue is the first initiative of its kind throughout the modern history of Sudan. Unlike the National Reconciliation of 1977, this National Dialogue-initiated by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir- aims to map Sudan’s future by bringing together all Sudanese regardless of their political and ideological differences to frankly and thoroughly discuss all key issues and problems of Sudan including identity, economy, system of governance, and freedoms.

Since the declaration of the initiative on January 2014, the government has spared no effort to create a conducive environment for a genuine dialogue that takes everyone on board. To do so, the Presidenthas issued Presidential Decrees which provided for a public amnesty to all political detainees, a unilateral secession of fire for two months, as well as fully allowing the freedom of expression and political activities except those targeting the stability of the country. He has also pledged to provide all needed guarantees for the rebels and armed groups, had they decided to join the National Dialogue.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on Thursday extended the cease-fire with all armed movements and groups for one more month in all areas of conflict in Sudan.

Al-Bashir announced the extension in a speech on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Sudan's independence.

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