Khartoum, Jan.7 (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Basher held Thursday a series of meetings with those who joined the Comprehensive National Dialogue recently including the Darfur armed movements the political activist in diaspora in addition to the delegation of the sons of Nuba Mountains led by Azrag Zakariya .
SUNA indicates that the meetings which were held , at the Guest House, last midnight, came in the context of the Comprehensive National Dialogue to affirm President Al-Basher's keenness to make a success the dialogue .
The Political Secretary of the National Congress Party, Hammed Mumtaz said in press statements that the NC works for reaching a consensus over the comprehensive National Dialogue Project to include all the people of Sudan .
He affirmed the NC seriousness to work out radical solutions to all the problems facing the country via the axis presented by the President of the Republic and the delegations exchanged viewpoints on the Dialogue .
The NC official has pointed out that President Al-Basher , during the meeting, has renewed the government's commitment to implement the recommendations of the Dialogue .
Mumtaz has stressed that President Al-Basher has renewed the all for those who rejected the Dialogue including the People's Movement (North Sector) to join the Dialogue and present their views .


Khartoum, Jan. 5 (SUNA)- Member of the freedoms and basic rights at the National Dialogue Conference, Ahmed Hussein Al-Jaali, has described unanimity of the participants at the committee on the basic rights document in the Constitution of the year 2005 as providing a solid ground for establishing good governance and rational society which is based on the rule of law.
He said a press statement that the committee has reviewed all the laws relating to freedoms and rights.
Al-Jaali indicated that the committee is carrying out its works normally, adding that all the participants of the different political parties are expressing their views and the visions of their parties regularly.


Khartoum, Jan. 5 (SUNA) - Sudan People's Liberation Movement (Peace Desirers) pointed out that the proposal of the interim government is considered one of the solutions to the problems hampering the unity of the national rank.
Leader of the movement and member of the external relations committee, Ibrahim Suleiman, said that the option of the interim movement is a major demand of his movement.
He said that several parties and movements have called for an interim government that shall be chaired by the President of the Republic, adding the participants at the National Dialogue Conference shall agree on the duration of the interim government.
He said that the vision of Dr. Al-Turabi on the interim government represents the view of his party alone.

Khartoum, Jan.5 (SUNA) - The Dialogue Freedoms and Basic Rights Committee has announced that its about to finalize most of its assignments .
The Acting Chairman of the committee, Abu Bakr Ahmed said the country is now on its way to end the violence and the establishment of the state of law and rights .
He added that the deliberations of the committee will lead to positive outcomes aimed at supporting permanent stability in the country .

Khartoum, Jan. The Assistant of the President of the Republic, Engineer, Ibrahim Mahmud Hammed has pointed out that the National Dialogue is strategic target, affirmed commitment over the implementation of its outcomes.

This came when Engineer, Hammed met Monday, , at his office, in the Republican Palace , a delegation from Shahama Movement headed by Mohammed Bahr Ali Mohamadain.

The Movement Chairman told SUNA that the meeting has discussed the progress of the National Dialogue and means for considering it a national strategic project and the necessity for mobilization of the efforts of the people of Sudan to maintain peace and stability in the country.

Khartoum, Jan.4 (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has affirmed Sudan support to realization of peace in South Sudan State, referring to firmness of relations between the two countries .

This came when President Al-Bashir received Monday at the Republican Palace the visiting Foreign Minister of the Republic of South Sudan, Barnaba Benjamin, and the accompanying delegation, in presence of the Foreign Minister, Prof . Ibrahim Ghandour.

Sudan’s ongoing National Dialogue is the first initiative of its kind throughout the modern history of Sudan. Unlike the National Reconciliation of 1977, this National Dialogue-initiated by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir- aims to map Sudan’s future by bringing together all Sudanese regardless of their political and ideological differences to frankly and thoroughly discuss all key issues and problems of Sudan including identity, economy, system of governance, and freedoms.

Since the declaration of the initiative on January 2014, the government has spared no effort to create a conducive environment for a genuine dialogue that takes everyone on board. To do so, the Presidenthas issued Presidential Decrees which provided for a public amnesty to all political detainees, a unilateral secession of fire for two months, as well as fully allowing the freedom of expression and political activities except those targeting the stability of the country. He has also pledged to provide all needed guarantees for the rebels and armed groups, had they decided to join the National Dialogue.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on Thursday extended the cease-fire with all armed movements and groups for one more month in all areas of conflict in Sudan.

Al-Bashir announced the extension in a speech on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Sudan's independence.

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