Khartoum, 4 April (SUNA) - The US acting Secretary of the State, John Sullivan has said the coming weeks will witness the launch of the second phase of the Sudan -USA dialogue when Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour pays a visit to Washington.

The move was agreed during the visit of the American official to Khartoum, last October, and also during a meeting between the two officials in Munich, Germany, on the sideline of the Security conference held there.

Mr. Sullivan has underlined in a phone call with Minister Ghandour the importance of relations between his country and the Sudan and that they were looking forwards to the start of the new phase of dialogue on the lifting of the name of Sudan from the list of terror sponsors. 

The US official commended the decision taken by the President of the Republic Omar Bashir to extend for three months the ceasefire, up to the 30th of coming June. 

He also commended the role played by the Sudan in peace realization in South Sudan and Khartoum role in closing the gaps on the question of the Ethiopian GRED dam.

Minister Ghandour has meanwhile said Sudan looks forwards to normal relations with the USA which is an important and a superpower and that the launch of the dialogue on lifting the name of the Sudan from the list of countries sponsor of international terrorism was very important.

The Minister, Ghandour, has underlined that Sudan would continue with its endeavors to achieve peace in the country via dialogue and other agreed upon means and through its National Dialogue project.

Professor Ghandour said the Sudan would continue playing its positive role in the region and with its neighbors of south Sudan, Libya, Central African Republic and others 

He also told the American official that the GRED could be beneficiary to all three countries and that the leaders of the three states have underlined the need for cooperation in all filed for the realization of development to the benefit of citizens in the three states.

The two senior foreign affairs officials have also discussed the question of North Korea where Minister Ghandour underline that Sudan has no military cooperation with North Korea and that Sudan is committed to abide by resolutions issued by the Security Council on this matter.



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